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Learn to get control over anger and to stop hurting loved ones.

The Personal Power Path anger management program is based on three simple principles that combined work to keep anger under control:
• Education - learn simple, easy-to-use anger control techniques

• Motivation - stay engaged with inspiring messaging
• Support - online community of people like you who help

You'll follow your own personalized path with informative content, role-playing assignments and progress updates. Best of all, you'll be inspired to finish the online anger management with help from inspiring Motivational Moments and online community support.

This online anger management offers encouragement, not criticism and delivers results, not excuses*. The program fee is a one time charge of $19.99. Signup below.

Anger Management App for Android phones and tablets.

Please note: this program has not been approved for court-ordered anger management. *Results may vary. English language version.

Motivational Moment of the Day
May 25, 2017

Plan for success and it will happen.

- Personal Power Path

Sometimes all you need is a smart plan in place and you can achieve your goal. To create a plan, login to you Personal Power Path.

I am broken
I had forgotten and recently re-learned I suffer from major depressive disorder...(more)
Having a hard time adjusting
I'm recently broken up with my girlfriend and it's making me angry I let her go....(more)
Anger over election
With few choices I like it been a tough call with all the media hype and the comments...(more)
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